Supplementation - advantages and disadvantages

Since they were invented, it’s hard functioning without them – talking about dietary supplements, of course, the preparations containing the selected vitamins, minerals and energy ingredients. We must remember that these are neither drugs nor substitutes for any diet. Tablets and capsules are designed to help us keep energy, health and vitality for many years to come, and help us with regeneration and building muscle mass. Supplements can help as well as harm you.

Of course, the most important advantage of all dietary supplements is their availability. Virtually every supplement can be obtained at a pharmacy, on the Internet in online stores. Proper supplementation can help you deal with everyday problems such as stress or fatigue. If you are deficient in some vitamin or mineral, having basic knowledge of the body, you can make up for the shortcomings "on your own" using, for example, effective and, above all, natural formulas. The biggest problem of dietary supplements is the fact that many people cannot properly use them. When buying a product, we often do not read the leaflet, using the product in other, not recommended doses. We think that it is "only" dietary supplement, just like candy, which unfortunately often loses us. As a result, instead of helping - we harm ourselves. Overdosing or improperly dosing even the safest means can have negative effects. It may also be dangerous to combine different supplements. The action of a diet supplement can limit the absorption of another drug by our body or even increase its effect. For us, this can have serious health consequences. In addition, the disadvantage of dietary supplements can be called that they do not work fast, or immediately. It takes time and patience to use them, but when they are used properly, the effects will be much better than the symptomatic drugs that cover the symptoms.

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