Supplementation and a balanced diet

Diet supplements definitely took over the world some time ago. We can safely say that there are few people who have never used any of these types of preparations. Mostly we know how to use them, what they are used for, and what possible side effects may appear in extreme situations. Still, there are cases where people eat dietary supplements like candy, because it comes from the assumption that "it's so harmless, it's just vitamins, and the more of them, the better." Unfortunately, this is a very misleading statement that can have fatal consequences.

Consumption of dietary supplements brings many benefits, but too much of them cause the opposite effect. By using vitamins, we must remember that their excess can accumulate in the body, causing more or less serious problems with the digestive system, as well as various rashes and other allergic reactions. This is not the rule, as there are vitamins such as vitamin C, the excess of which is excreted, so there is no overdose here, but it does not mean that we can "go off" with this substance with impunity. Everything we do, let's do it with our head, also in the matter of promoting health. Packages of this type usually contain daily doses which should not be exceeded. It happens that, despite all this, we do, thinking that in this way we will protect ourselves from the shortages caused by eating too little valuable food like fruits, vegetables, groats and the like. Keep in mind that no supplements, even those completely natural, are able to replace a balanced diet. That’s what should be the basis of a healthy lifestyle and we can choose the right supplements based on it. You cannot forget about eating vegetables, fruits and products of plant and animal origin, even if we are on a slimming diet and reduced calories. Partial or complete elimination of harmful products for our health, such as sugar, processed foods or alcohol, will certainly improve our health, without causing any loss in daily intake of nutrients. But if we also get rid of what is healthy, no supplement will be able to bring back our health. It’s only a supplement that complements the substances needed, but cannot be the basis of our diet. This means that we absolutely cannot starve and compensate our body by supplying vitamins and minerals in the form of tablets, because we cannot fool it to such an extent. Taking supplements is of the utmost importance in situations where, despite all efforts, we are unable to provide everything we need or when our nutritional needs increase, for example during a cold or change of season

It’s similar to supplementation during training. Just eating supplements like protein supplements, exercise boosters or carbohydrates is great for anyone who wants to succeed in sports because it provides the right body regeneration and endurance. However, if you substitute a post-workout meal with a protein in the form of dietary supplements, it becomes unhealthy. In this way we will not provide the body with all that it needs, only a part of it. In addition to this type of preparation it is worthwhile to enrich your diet with valuable products such as dairy, vegetables and cereal.

The fact that diet supplements will never replace a properly selected diet does not mean that the use of such products alone is bad. On the contrary, in the course of many years of research, we have had the opportunity to see that it brings a lot of benefits, especially in times when the food we eat is so processed that it does not have almost any nutritional value. In such cases, supplements will perfectly complement any deficiency, thus improving our general condition and well-being. Supplementation, which is tailored to our needs, will always have positive effects if we adhere to the recommendations often given on the packaging. In addition, these formulations will raise our awareness of nutritional values, so that we may learn to take good care of ourselves.

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