Supplements for women and men - and why should you adjust supplements to gender?

Dietary supplements have been gaining popularity for many years. This is not just about vitamins and minerals and other health supplements, as it also includes supplements that increase the effectiveness of your workouts. Especially the last one for a long time seemed to be the only domain of men, but recently a lot has changed. Women are increasingly exercising not only to lose weight, but also to carve their muscles and increase their endurance. As a result, the similarities between the two genders seem to occur at almost every turn. This does not mean, however, that we can completely forget the differences. At the level of physiology these differences are visible from the very beginning of human existence, and ignoring them when setting up a balanced diet will certainly not lead to anything good and will slow down our goal progress.

Vitamins and minerals supplementation in women and men varies considerably. The first major difference is the calorie requirement. A man will always need to deliver more calories to the body than a woman of the same weight and level of physical activity. This also means that the amount of nutrients consumed will vary in this case. Formulas for women usually contain a higher dose of B vitamins, which are responsible for proper metabolism and beautiful skin, hair and nails. Especially important for women is vitamin B9, which promotes fertility and normal development of the baby in the womb. In addition, these supplements contain an increased dose of iron, which is intended to regulate the production of red blood cells that is disturbed during menstrual cycles and severe bleeding. Extracts of horsetail, nettle or linseed are also added to them, which are beneficial to the condition of the hair, as it makes them dense, strong and shiny. What makes a woman different from men is the thickness of the skin. For women, it is thinner, which makes the signs of aging appear faster. It’s therefore advisable to supplement antioxidant substances such as green tea extracts, gooseberries, selenium or acerola.

Men have a higher calorie requirement, and this is because of the nutritional value, so the supplements they contain must contain higher values for certain ingredients. Ideally, they would have a positive effect on the potency, since such support would always be useful. Such properties include L - Arginine, Tribulus, Maca, Zinc, Epimedium or Ginseng. Besides, men usually require more physical strength, so it is a great way to support muscles and joints with supplementation. It’s therefore important to consume protein-rich preparations, both animal and plant based and with collagen.


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